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Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group

Mexico Asset management CA México Asesores Patrimoniales,
asset management
Panama Banking and financial activities Banco Crèdit Andorrà (Panamá)
Peru Asset management CA Perú Sociedad Agente de Bolsa
Paraguay Asset management Valores Casa de Bolsa
Uruguay Banking and financial activities Oficina de Representación de
Crèdit Andorrà y de Banco Crèdit
Andorrà (Panamá) en Uruguay
(Representative office of Uruguay)
Spain Banking and financial activities Banco Alcalá Asset management Alcalá de Pensiones, pension funds
Gesalcalá, SGIIC, funds management Valira Capital Asset Management
SGIIC, funds management
Insurance ERM, insurance consultant
and broker
CA Life Insurance Experts, life
United States - Miami Asset management Beta Capital Management LP,
broker dealer
Andorra Banking and financial activities Crèdit Andorrà Asset management Crèdit Andorrà Asset Management Crediinvest SA,
fund investment manager
Insurance Crèdit Assegurances, life assurance Financera d'Assegurances, non-life insurance Vincles, actuarial consultancy Social activity Fundació Crèdit Andorrà
Luxembourg Banking and financial activities Banque de Patrimoines Privés, SA Asset management Crediinvest Sicav / Investcredit Sicav,
collective investments companies
Switzerland Asset management Private Investment Management,
asset management

Banco Alcalá belongs to the Crèdit Andorrà Group, the leading financial group in Andorra, a country that has been able to grow and prosper thanks to a favourable legal framework, a stable financial system and a flawless reputation. The soundness of the Group's assets, its solvency, its liquidity and track record make it the market leader in Andorra and a benchmark institution in the international financial system.

The Group has had over 60 years of experience in providing private banking services. It operates in Europe (Andorra, Spain, Luxembourg and Switzerland) and in America (Miami, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay). It is currently involved in the implementation of a major internationalisation policy.

Crèdit Andorrà has always been characterised for having solvency and liquidity ratios that are above the standards set by Andorran legislation and by the Basel Accords. It has also been given an excellent rating by the international ratings agency Fitch Ratings, with a long-term rating of "A-" and a short term rating of "F2" (data from June 2014).

The Crèdit Andorrà Group was recognised as the best bank to provide private banking services in Andorra in 2013 by the Financial Times group in its magazines The Banker and PWM. Crèdit Andorrà is the first bank in Andorra to receive this award, which is given to entities that occupy a leading position as specialised private banking providers whose excellence is recognised by the international financial community. The Group's international platform was a decisive factor in obtaining the award.

The Banker has also named Crèdit Andorrà as Bank of the Year in Andorra seven times since 2002. The Banker highlighted the bank's first-class management and an excellent solvency ratio, as well as its solid track record based on good results and sustained growth. Furthermore, the list of the world's top 1,000 capitalised banks puts Crèdit Andorrà in 783rd place (data from July 2014) and is the first Andorran bank to make it onto this list.

"With more than 60 years' experience, Crèdit Andorrà Group is a leading institution in the international financial system."